Freelancer of the Year {This Could Be You}

This post is a part of the Get Paid to Write for Blogs Course Launch! Get Paid to Write for Blogs is a brand new course created by Cat Alford of Budget Blonde. Cat makes a full time income from writing for blogs, and this course will teach you how to do the same. Late last summer, I was pouring … [Read more...]


Can Crowdsourcing Student Loan Debt Work?

Want to pay off my student loans? Come on?! Why not? Why not just contribute $5 and tell all your friends to do the same? It's for a great cause, after all - my girls need me, my family needs me. If you help pay off my student loans, I'm going to quit working and be a stay at home mom. Worthy cause … [Read more...]

student loan debt problem

What Should We Do About the Student Loan Debt Problem?

With 40 million Americans owing a total of $1.2 trillion in student loan debt, it's pretty clear that we are headed for a student loan bubble burst, reminiscent of the 2008 housing market collapse. Too many people are borrowing too much money for college, not understanding how or if they will be … [Read more...]


Student Loan Debt? A Few More Resources

The last few months, I have been on a mission to give you hope. I'm here to tell you that you can get control of your student loans. You can pay them off. You don't have to run from your creditors, you can beat the loan game. You don't have to live with the depression and anxiety. I'm here to help … [Read more...]

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts That Save Money

If you are in extreme debt-payoff mode, you are cutting everything out of your budget that is not a necessity. Perhaps that even means that you don't budget for gift-giving occasions like Father's Day. You know what? That's fine. If you have small kids in the house, you can have them make some … [Read more...]


Let’s Not Start a Student Loan Default Movement

Once upon a time (before I was vegan, before we had kids, and before our budget scrutiny), my husband and I went to The Melting Pot to celebrate our anniversary. Fondue invokes memories of my childhood; we didn't have fondue frequently, but it was a special treat that was fun to prepare and fun to … [Read more...]

resources for student loan debt

Resources to Help Deal with Student Loan Debt

Debt sucks. Being in debt for 10, 15, 20 years with no physical asset to show for it? That sucks even worse. I get why so many people feel depressed or overwhelmed by their student loan debt. Dealing with the enormity and the time scale of that debt can be shocking to new grads, but even folks who … [Read more...]

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Tipping The Scales of Debt

If you have been a reader for a long time, you know my husband and I struggle with massive student loan debt. You know that I am totally stressed out with a job that's overworking me (yet, oddly, underutilizing me) and a long commute. You know that, for years, I have wanted to stay home but can't … [Read more...]

technology helps manage finances

How Technology Helps Me Manage My Finances

I'm a rocket scientist. I know I say that a lot here on the blog, but it's true and sometimes it's actually related to what I'm writing about (other times, I just like saying it). As someone who is in a highly technological field (tee hee - if you only knew how we fix things at NASA), I would love … [Read more...]

side hustle

Getting Ahead on Student Loans: Enter the Side Hustle

I am a total rule follower and I like to follow plans, too - to the letter. When I started listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio years ago, I really thought my husband should go out and deliver pizzas. You know, because that's what Dave said to do: deliver pizzas until the debt is gone. The trouble … [Read more...]