Advice to Small Business Owners and the Moms You Stress Out

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I live near a large college town in the Midwest. The town doesn’t have every major franchise by a long shot, but you can find activities, stores, and restaurants that suit your tastes without too much effort. So when we moved north a few years ago, I didn’t think twice about how things would change for us.

Making Progress, Or: Alternatives to the Debt Snowball

As my husband and I discussed the significant progress we’ve made in the past few months (four loans paid off, one just yesterday), we realized we were at a decision point. It was easy to pay of those little loans, because we would get a bonus here or a reimbursement there and realize “this is enough to pay off our smallest loan”. And so in that regard, we have been doing the debt snowball. By paying off those four small loans, we now have a $100 debt snowball. However, as we start tackling larger and larger loans, we might be able to decrease our total pay off time by attacking the one monster interest rate loan. Or maybe, for comfort’s sake, we want to attack the one with the biggest monthly payment, because that brings us a step closer to only needing one income.

Interview With a Mom: Daesha

Hey readers, I have a treat for you! If you haven’t seen my announcements, I have started an interview series where I interview moms who stay home or work from home. I have done a bunch (and I mean, A BUNCH) of googling things like “how to afford to be a stay at home mom”, “how to afford to stay home”, “work at home jobs for mothers” and all sorts of similar phrases. The things I find are generally unhelpful. The work at home articles or sites are usually scammy-looking and the stay at home sites are a bunch of mommy war rants. Ugh.

Going Low Key for a Bit

Well, my baby is still sleeping terribly. I counted the other night – she woke up 8 times before midnight. And honestly, that’s been a fairly typical night for a while. She does not currently have an ear infection and does not seem to be teething. We are exhausted.

How I *Really* Feel About That Elf On the Shelf

Last year, at about this time, I was entering my third trimester. I was constantly bone-tired from the long commute and not enough quality sleep (ask any pregnant woman how that goes). I don’t think we even got a Christmas tree until around the 15th and I think it took another few days to decorate it. I was overwhelmed. Still am.