Going Low Key for a Bit

Well, my baby is still sleeping terribly. I counted the other night – she woke up 8 times before midnight. And honestly, that’s been a fairly typical night for a while. She does not currently have an ear infection and does not seem to be teething. We are exhausted.

How I *Really* Feel About That Elf On the Shelf

Last year, at about this time, I was entering my third trimester. I was constantly bone-tired from the long commute and not enough quality sleep (ask any pregnant woman how that goes). I don’t think we even got a Christmas tree until around the 15th and I think it took another few days to decorate it. I was overwhelmed. Still am. 

How I Got My Wedding Dress for Cheap (Over 50% Off)

My friend, Kassandra, from More Than Just Money has an awesome new freelancing gig with US News and World Report. You can check out her first article with them over here, where she talks about ways to have a great wardrobe for cheap, including the idea of sample sales. Her article totally reminded me of how I got my wedding dress for cheap.

3 Reasons We Needed a New Life Insurance Policy and What We Did

Life Insurance

During last month’s “Live Like I’m Dying Challenge“, I realized our family didn’t have a good approach to life insurance: