CFPB and student loans

Problems with Your Student Loan Servicer? CFPB Wants to Know!

I can't even tell you how many student loan providers I've had in my ten year repayment history. Even my federal loans haven't kept me exempt from switching up student loan providers - I currently have a federal loan servicing company (OSLA). Each time a loan switches companies, I get a little … [Read more...]


Need Help With Student Loan Payments: A Gradible Review

While I have deep respect for Dave Ramsey, I cannot describe the rage I feel when I hear him say "deliver pizzas" to earn enough money to afford the minimum payments on your debt, plus extra (called a snowball). The advice to take on a second job is not for everyone, and for those of you who feel … [Read more...]

crazy ways to pay off student loans

3 Crazy Ways to Pay off Student Loans

40 million Americans have student loans, so it's no wonder that at least some of us just don't know what to do. Maybe you don't know how you'll make your next payment. Maybe you can pay your loans, but they haunt your dreams - the ones at night and the ones for the future. You aren't alone if you … [Read more...]


She Left A Career She Loved to Stay Home: Jasmyn

When I write about wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, I'm sure some of you think that's been my goal forever. You think I grew up babysitting and oohing and ahing over little kids. Nothing could be further from the truth. I actually grew up saying that I was going to be an astronaut and that I was … [Read more...]

how to lower your student loan payment

How To Lower Your Student Loan Payment

Are you having problems figuring out how to pay your student loans each month? Is all the talk about building a snowball is depressing because you don't even know how to pay the minimums, much less pay more? Is your debt making it hard for you to enjoy life, get out of bed each morning, or to … [Read more...]

not pay student loans

How To Not Pay Student Loans and Get Yourself Back On Track

Would it make a difference to you if someone said "I'll give you a few months to stop making payments on your debt"? Did you breathe easier just with that suggestion? Did you see a little light flicker on in the darkness? If so, now might be the time to look at pausing your payments through … [Read more...]

Debt Status May

How I’ve Been Getting Out of Debt And Keeping My Sanity

When I decided to start Indebted and In Debt, I had a vision of sharing my debt payoff journey in detail. Probably excruciating detail. After all, I'm an engineer and a project manager. I live by the spreadsheet.  Note to personal finance bloggers: I had no idea sharing debt status was a "thing" … [Read more...]


Interview with a Mom: Christina from Embracing Simple Blog

If you are just joining our regularly scheduled Friday morning posts, I have been interviewing stay-at-home moms to figure out how they were able to make it work. I know everyone's financial situation is different - personal finance is personal, after all, but in my own pursuit to stay home, I'm … [Read more...]


Has It Been One Year Already? Blogiversary!

A year ago, I was home on maternity leave and I found myself reading blog after blog after blog to stay awake while nursing. One of them was Lisa Jo Baker, who at the time, hosted a link-up called Five Minute Friday. She would post a one-word writing prompt, and the goal was to write for five … [Read more...]