the homeless

The Homeless Nearby

I grew up in a rural town in Tennessee. Most people didn't have much; few of us had brand names clothes. Since everyone was generally lacking, the really poor people didn't stand out much - unless they were unkempt. Because of my rural background, I've never been particularly comfortable in cities. … [Read more...]

insurance itemization

Do As I Say: Insurance Itemization

Hi, I'm Kirsten. I'm a former rocket scientist (really), who is at times pretty dumb - with money. Every so often I like to share my stories so that others can learn (here's an example). It's my "do as I say, not as I do" series, and today's topic is about insurance itemization. Rushed My … [Read more...]

The small, easy-to-lose, purse in question

What to Do When You Lose Your Purse on a Flight

UPDATE (9/2/2015) - The rings are now in my possession. Thanks, everyone for your supportive words! On August 15th we boarded a flight from our old state to our new state. While our vehicles would be in transit for a few days and our possessions will be in storage until early September, we were … [Read more...]

financial impacts of being a SAHM

How Being a SAHM Hurt Us Financially and What I Learned

Since we are in a period of transition, I've asked a few freelancing friends to post here. They are looking for work (so am I) and are looking for exposure. I didn't want my blog to sit in limbo while we moved. Win-win! Today's guest is Vicky, who basically has a cautionary tale of being a SAHM - … [Read more...]


10 Finance Tips From an Empty Nester

Things are slowly, but surely, coming together for my husband and I as we transition to a new home across the country. It's still a busy time, so I have opened up my place to some fellow freelancers. (Hire me! Hire them!) Today's fantastic guest is Sharee. We decided that she would offer up a … [Read more...]

frugal family camping trip

How to Make Your Family Camping Trip a Frugal One

If you've been following me for a few months, you know this is a big week for us as we gear up for the big move. I've invited some fellow freelancers to pop in the blog and today is Tennille's second appearance. When you’re trying to get out of debt camping is a great frugal way to spend quality … [Read more...]

Debra Giuliano Headshot

Frugal Homemaking Tips: Save Time and Money

If you've been a reader for a few months, you know that I'm in the middle of a big move. For that reason, I have invited some fellow freelancers to join me on the blog, so you guys have fresh content. Please welcome today's guest, Debra! I am a total homemaking geek. My fascination with … [Read more...]