Unselfish Selfie

I’ve hinted and out-right told my hubby (an amateur photographer) to take pictures of me with the girls. And let’s just say right here that I’m not terribly photogenic. I do very well in candid shots – especially when I don’t know the camera is around, and those are the photos I want. I want memories of doing and living and loving – not of sitting posed and stiff.

To be sure – in the early months, it’s hard. You are exhausted. You might not be showered and made up. You have spit up on your clothes. You are carrying extra weight. And the baby is eating all the time. But those are the precious times to remember. To leave behind for those adult “babies” someday. Look at how I loved you. How I cradled you. How tenderly I gazed in your eyes. How I smiled. Look at how young and vibrant I once was.

Well, those pictures haven’t materialized. There’s reasons for it – not just my hubby not doing it. But I’m taking matters in my own hands. If I need to, I’ll take selfies (sorry, Brian) every day for this 31 days. I’ll leave behind the smiles and love and joy. The life. The moments.

One of the first posts I ever read of Lisa Jo Baker’s was a list of things to do for new moms. On that list she added the idea of taking the new mom’s picture with the baby. Save for some hospital shots, with an exhausted-looking mom holding a teeny baby, I have seen next-to-no shots of my friends with their babies. Sure, they take pictures of those babies, but there’s rarely a pic of mom and baby together.