Second Chance Banks In Georgia

According to a survey completed in 2015 by the FDIC, 11.9% of Georgia residents are unbanked. In Atlanta, Georgia alone, 9% of households are also unbanked. When you don’t have a second chance bank account to manage all of your money, then you have to find alternative ways to get your money by spending your hard-earned cash. It is estimated that the average cost for households without checking accounts in the city of Atlanta totals $97 million a year. Examples of these costs include:

  • Paying an average of $14 to cash a $500 check
  • Hidden costs with pre-paid debit cards such as fees when buying and loading cards, monthly service charges, and more
  • Buying money orders to pay bills, spending an average of $1.00 to $5.00 per check

Some people chose not to have a bank account because they don’t trust banks. Still, a majority of others don’t have an account because they are unable to qualify for a regular checking account due to past financial mistakes. If you have failed to qualify for a regular bank account, don’t lose hope, there are banks with checking account services that will provide you an opportunity to enroll in a second chance non ChexSystems account.

Our List of the Top Second Chance Non ChexSystems Banks in Georgia

Bank Opening Deposit Monthly Fee Minimum Balance Requirment ATM Access Overdraft Protection OtherAccount Features Account Limitations Close Focus Magnnifications Our Score
BBVA Bank $25 $0 No requirement 64,000 locations Overdraft management tools available Free VISA debit card, online and mobile banking, and cashback rewards Subject to an EWS screen prior to opening account
Varo Bank $0 $0 No requirment 55,000 Available with required direct deposit Mobile notifcations, interest-earnings savings, instant transfers, and early direct deposit Qualifying direct deposit required for high interest rate and overdraft protection
Chime Bank $0 $0 No requirement 38,000 locations Yes, eligibility requirments apply Save as you spend, early direct deposit, and mobile pay None
Radius Bank $0 $9 No requirement 20.000 locations Not available Financial dashboard and the ability to upgrade account after 12 mounths Daily debit card limit, mobile check deposit limit, ATM withdrawal limit
Navy Feferal Credit Union $0 $0 No requirment 28,000 locations Available Free debit card, online and mobile banking, and active duty calendar to track paychecks Direct deposit required or at least 20 debit card transactions

We picked our second chance non ChexSystems banks by looking for ones that will save you time and money. Say goodbye to driving to the post office every time you need to buy money orders to pay bills. Take advantage of free direct deposit so that you can avoid the long check cashing line at the grocery store and take a day off on payday, knowing that you still have your paycheck at your fingertips.

1. Radius Bank

At Radius Bank, a perfect banking record is not required, so they offer the Essential Checking as a second chance account option. Their online-based banking platform makes it simple to manage your money, conduct financial transactions, and improve financial habits and banking history.

If you apply for an account with Radius Bank and end up denied, as mentioned you will be eligible for the Essential Checking. When you have a less than perfect banking record, then a second chance account like this one is all you need.

With a $10 minimum opening deposit, you can open an Essential Checking account at Radius Bank. There is a $9 monthly service fee, but after 12 months of positive banking history, you can apply for a regular checking account for a zero monthly fee!

Essential Account Features:

  • It is required that you pay a $9 service per month for this account.
  • When you receive your debit card, you will be limited to spending $500 a day.
  • If you need to deposit a check, you can do so with the mobile app, but you will be limited to $1,000 a day and $2,000 every 10 days.
  • With Radius, you can access your account anytime and make payments using bill pay, transfer money, look at account balances, enroll in direct deposit, and track spending.
  • Use the financial dashboard to connect your accounts and make a plan to pay off debt, also know where every dollar goes with a personal budget.
  • After 12 months, you may upgrade to a regular, free checking.

2. Chime

The next best bank on our list is Chime. They don’t care about your history with other banks; they strive to provide you second chance banking, online-based services very similar to other online checking accounts, but without charging you any hidden fees. You can enroll in a non ChexSystems second chance checking Chime Spending account and VISA debit card with as little as 2 minutes of your time.

A Chime Spending account saves you time and money by:

  • Using online bank account features anytime and anywhere
  • Not charging you hidden fees
  • Building your savings account automatically by rounding up every transaction
  • Avoiding account overdraft fees after meeting eligibility requirements with SpotMe
  • Receiving your paychecks as early as 2 days before payday
  • Not spending fees when you use any of their 38,000 ATMs in network
  • Paying your bills easily using your online bank account


Number 1 on our list of the top non ChexSystems banks for a second chance is BBVA. At this bank, they are all about providing superior services to anyone, even those with a poor banking history. BBVA operates 649 non ChexSystems banks across the United States, but you can enroll in an account no matter where you live. The best checking accounts for those in need of a second chance and a fresh start is the Free Checking.

A Free Checking account saves you time and money by:

  • Charging $0 monthly fees
  • Giving you access to use their BBVA USA ATMs for free
  • Taking advantage of online and mobile banking features that will give you the convenience of managing your account from anywhere.
  • Being given a free VISA debit card to spend money out of your account and earn cashback rewards.
  • Being able to write an unlimited amount of checks without fees
  • Being able to receive free online and paper statements
  • Quickly opening an account with only $25

4. Associated Credit Union

Our 3rd pick is Associated Credit Union located in Georgia with multiple locations. Although there is a $9.95 monthly service charge, they want to help people get back on track with their money management by providing a fresh start checking called the Lend-A-Hand Checking.

A Lend-A-Hand Checking account saves you time and money by:

  • Quickly opening an account with only $25
  • Requiring you to enroll in direct deposit
  • Getting a VISA debit card to make purchases directly from your checking account
  • Taking advantage of online and mobile banking features from the comfort of your own home

5. Ameris Bank

Ameris Bank, unlike standard ChexSystems banks, is located in Georgia and gives people a second chance checking by looking for specific things when it comes to your banking history. Their best account is called the Free Checking, it only takes $25 to open an account, there are no monthly fees, and they don’t require a minimum balance. You can also take advantage of many online second chance banking features for free.

6. Community Bank & Trust

Being located in Georgia, you can open an account at Community Bank & Trust for a minimum of $100. The best second chance checking account for those in need of a second chance is called the Second Slice Checking. You can take advantage of online services, unlimited check writing, and free online statements. If you show positive banking with this account, you can move up to a regular checking account.

7. Bank OZK

At Bank OZK, located in Savannah, Georgia, you can take advantage of The Pathway Checking account as a fresh start checking option. To open an account, you need to have $50 as an opening deposit. This account requires a $10 monthly service fee, but you can take advantage of online second chance checking banking features such as bill pay, electronic statements, and more.

8. Excel Federal Credit Union

You have to be eligible to become a member of their credit unions. Still, at Excel Federal Credit Union located in Atlanta, Georgia, they offer a Fresh Start Checking to those in need of a second chance. There are monthly fees, but you can take advantage of second chance checking features, including no-fee ATMs at select locations, online services, and more.

9. Firstate Bank

You can take advantage of a couple of different fresh start checking accounts at Firstate Bank in Georgia, one of many non ChexSystems banks. There is a Community Plus Checking, which charges a $5 fee, but you don’t have to meet minimum balance requirements. There is a Community Commerical Checking that will waive the cost, but you have to keep a balance of $1,000 or more in the account. They offer many other features like online services, life insurance, and ID theft.

10. Community Bank & Trust (Red Apple Bank)

You can enroll in a Second Slice Checking account at Community Bank & Trust in Georgia for a second chance at building your financial history. Take advantage of direct deposit, unlimited check writing, and online services. You are also eligible to move into regular checking accounts after maintaining positive banking for a set amount of time.

11. City National Bank

You can enroll in a Safe Check second chance checking account at City National Bank in Georgia. This second chance bank helps you avoid overspending by not allowing you to overdraft your account. You can open an account with only $25 and pay a monthly maintenance fee of $5, which can be waived with qualifying direct deposits.

12. Corporate America Family Credit Union

Corporate America Family Credit Union offers a Fresh Start Checking account. You have to become a member of the credit union, and then you can enroll. There is a requirement of $100 in a savings account and a $10 monthly service fee.

13. Heritage Bank

At Heritage Bank, one of the non ChexSystems banks, they aren’t worried about your past banking history. To sign up for a second chance checking, you have to visit one of their locations in Georgia or give them a call. One of the best checking accounts is called My Free Checking. This account has no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements.

14. Renasant Bank

You can apply for a second chance basic checking account with Renasant Bank in Georgia. The account comes with online banking features, identity theft protection, and transaction monitoring alerts in case of fraudulent activity. There is an $8 monthly service charge, but you can waive it with a $500 minimum balance.

15. Robins Financial Credit Union

Apply for a second chance checking account in Georgia with Robins Financial Credit Union. There is a $10 monthly service fee, and after 12 months of positive banking, you will be eligible to enroll in one of their other checking accounts.

16. Family First Credit Union

The E-Checking account offered by Family First Credit Union in Georgia is an excellent option for those who can’t qualify for a regular checking account and in need of a second chance checking. There is a $12 monthly service fee, direct deposit is required, and you have free online banking features.

17. Fifth Third Bank

Enroll in Express Banking at Fifth Third Bank in Georgia. This second chance bank account will help you rebuild your banking reputation. They offer a debit MasterCard, mobile alerts, and no service charges.

18. FSNB (Fort Sill National Bank)

FSNB, located in Atlanta, Georgia, offers a Basic Checking account for those with poor banking history and in need of second chance checking. If you meet minimum balance requirements, your $6 monthly fee is waived, and if your balance is high enough, you can start earning interest.

19. Georgia United Credit Union

Georgia United Credit Union offers a Restart Checking to help you rebuild your banking reputation. It is simple to apply because there is no minimum deposit or monthly service fee. After 12 months of positive banking history, you can upgrade to one of their regular checking accounts.

20. Georgia’s Own Credit Union

Georgia’s Own Credit Union in Albany offers a Resolution Checking to help people rebuild their banking reputation and find stability. You will have to meet specific requirements to join.

21. Go Bank

GoBank is an online-based bank. You can waive the monthly fee of $8.95 with a qualifying direct deposit of $500. They offer many features, including money management tools, and even with no physical second chance banks in Georgia, you can deposit checks for a small fee at participating retailers.

22. GTE Financial

GTE Financial is not located in Georgia but offers quality online features and checking accounts. With the Go Further account, you can waive the $9.95 monthly fee if you meet the requirements of direct deposits, electronic statements, and 15 monthly transactions.

23. Health Center Credit Union

If you need a second chance checking account, Health Center Credit Union in Georgia offers a Fresh Start Checking. To become a member, you have to meet specific requirements. There are no minimum balance requirements, a $10 monthly fee, and access to financial tools.

24. Interstate Credit Union

At Interstate Credit Union in Georgia, they offer a Renew Checking, a second chance checking that provides you financial education and money management tools. There is a monthly fee of $10, but it can be reduced to $7 with a qualifying direct deposit.

25. Members United Credit Union

Another Chance Checking at Members United Credit Union in Columbus, Georgia, will give you second chance banking. You have to pay a fee to join the credit union, and after that, the account will cost $5 a month. They also offer free online banking and bill pay features.

26. Navy Federal Credit Union

For those in active duty or retired from the military, Navy Federal Credit Unions in Georgia offers a few second chance checking accounts. The Free eChecking comes with no monthly service fee with qualifying direct deposit, overdraft protection, and free online banking services.

27. One South Bank

With a minimum $100 opening deposit and a $15 monthly service charge, you can open an Opportunity Checking at One South Bank in Georgia. This account offers account balancing assistance and money management tools with online banking.

28. Peach State Federal Credit Union

To join Peach State Federal Credit Unions in Augusta, Georgia as a member, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $10. Peach State offers a Fresh Start Checking to help you move forward in your finances. The account comes with a $9 monthly service fee and online banking features.

29. Peoples Cash Solutions

Peoples Cash Solutions is one of the non ChexSystems banks built for people in need of a second chance. They are online based and offer a Second Chance Checking account. You can easily take advantage of online features, a free checkbook, and more for a monthly fee of $4.95.

30. SoFi Money

SoFi Money is one of the online-based second chance banks. There are no ChexSystems to be eligible for an account, so it is perfect if you have poor banking history. SoFi charges no fees, requires no opening deposit, and no minimum balances.

31. Synovus Bank

Synovus, located in Georgia, is one of the non ChexSystems banks; they provide a Free Checking account to help you rebuild your banking reputation. This account requires a $100 opening deposit, no monthly service fee, and overdraft protection.

32. The Wright Credit Union

Once you become a member of The Wright Credit Union, you can enroll in a 2nd Chance Checking. The account offers online features and a free debit card. Check with the credit union for more information.

33. UNIFY Financial Credit Union

You can rebuild your banking history with a Right Start Checking from UNIFY Financial Credit Union. You can open an account with a $25 deposit and enjoy free online features.

34. Varo Bank

Varo is one of the online-based second chance banks with no monthly fees. They are also a non ChexSystems bank providing you access to 55,000 Allpoint ATMs, online features, and money management tools.

35. Washington Savings Bank

As long as your banking history doesn’t include fraud or unpaid balances, you can apply for an account with Washington Savings Bank. Their Online Rewards Checking provides multiple features, such as earning $20 every month when you use your debit card regularly. After a year of positive banking history, the $14.95 service fee disappears.

36. Woodforest National Bank

Woodforest National Bank, with banks located in Georgia, provides a Second Chance Checking account. You can open an account with a $25 deposit and a $9 one-time account fee. The monthly service charge of $11.95 can reduce to $9.95 if you have a qualifying direct deposit.