7 Best Second Chance Banks and Credit Unions in Nevada (2020)

Our day to day lives are continually being impacted by the way we manage our money. Having a bank account is not just a want, its a need. Obviously, proper money management is a necessary part of becoming financially stable, but where you keep your money is also a factor. While a majority of people keep their money and manage it at financial institutions such as banks or credit unions, there are many who don’t.

In Las Vegas, Nevada alone, it is estimated from the 2017 FDIC national survey that 6.8% of households don’t have a traditional bank account. One of the main reasons for this is that many people are unable to qualify for a regular checking account. Being unable to be eligible for a checking can be due to having a bad record with a consumer reporting agency like ChexSystems.

Here’s Your List of Second Chance Accounts at Non ChexSystems Banks Las Vegas

ChexSystems is commonly used by banks and credit unions to assess risk and weed out people who may not be able to manage a bank account responsibly. While having poor financial management is not appealing to financial institutions, money management skills can definitely be improved. While you are working on your past financial mistakes or unforeseen circumstances, you can apply for second chance bank accounts that don’t look at your ChexSystems records and help you become stable. Take a look at our list of second chance checking accounts and second chance banks that are based online, or physically located in or around Las Vegas.

1. Radius Bank

Radius Bank offers an Essential Checking account that you can qualify for after being denied for one of their regular checking accounts. There is a $9 monthly fee, but you can easily upgrade to a free checking after 12 months of good banking habits. 

Account Services and Limits:

  • With online banking and the mobile app, you can access your account at any time. Also included with online banking is monitoring transactions, viewing balances, bill pay, and transferring money to other people.
  • Another feature with your online account is the financial dashboard. This dashboard will help you get back on track with your money by creating a budget, connecting other accounts, and more.
  • Give your employer your checking account and routing number so that you can enroll in direct deposit.
  • You don’t have to keep your Essential Checking forever; after 12 months, you may upgrade to a regular, free checking.
  • Each month you are required to pay a $9 fee.
  • Your debit card will be limited to $500 a day for spending.
  • You can make a max mobile deposit of $1,000 a day and $2,000 every 10 days.

2. Chime Bank – Spending Account

The Spending Account at Chime is another second chance checking online-only banking institution option that won’t disappoint you. By eliminating overhead costs with no physical branch locations, they are able to charge little to no fees to their customers. All you need is internet access or a mobile phone to enjoy all Chime has to offer you when it comes to managing your money and account online. Chime does not check with any consumer reporting agencies or your credit report during the application process for a spending account.

Account Features:

  • You will receive a free VISA debit card with free replacements if you lose it.
  • Learn to save money without much effort on your part with a round-up process of transferring the difference of your transactions to your savings account.
  • Enjoy online and mobile banking with the ability to turn off your debit card at any time.
  • There is no monthly service fee.
  • Sign up to pay for things with your phone when you connect your Chime debit card to Google or Apple Pay.
  • You can be eligible for fee free overdraft protection with SpotMe.
  • Eligibility to enroll in direct deposit and receive your deposits up to 2 days early
  • Free ATM access at over 38,000+ locations

3. BBVA Bank – Online Checking

If you are looking for banks that open accounts online, no matter what state you live in, you should definitely check out BBVA Bank. Their second chance online checking account provides you with all you need to keep your money in a safe place and also by enjoying many online banking features. BBVA does not use ChexSystems to check your record, but they may check your banking history with Early Warning Services (EWS).

Account Features:

  • The opening deposit is $25
  • There is no monthly service charge.
  • No ATM fees at BBVA ATMs and 64,000 AllPoint participating locations
  • There is free online and mobile banking.
  • Eligibility to enroll in direct deposit
  • You will receive a free VISA debit card.
  • Earn cash back rewards when you spend money with your debit card
  • There are overdraft protection programs to enroll in
  • The BBVA ClearBenefits Program offers cell phone protection, identity theft restoration services, and more for a $4 monthly fee.

4. Nevada State Bank – OnBudget Banking

Nevada State Bank offers you the ability to manage your second chance account online and in person at one of their many locations across the state and in North Las Vegas. The OnBudget Banking account allows you to continue on the path towards your financial goals with a bank account while limiting the services as a second chance account.

Account Features:

  • The opening deposit is $50
  • The monthly service fee is $5
  • No access to writing checks with this account
  • Not able to overdraft with this account
  • Enroll in online banking and deposit checks with mobile banking
  • Set fraud alerts in the mobile banking app to notify you of purchases

5. Bank of the West – Fresh Start Checking

Bank of the West has many locations in Las Vegas and offers a checking account as a second chance bank account option to those who can’t qualify for one of their regular checking accounts. You get unlimited check writing (limited to available balance), free debit card, ATM access to Bank of the West ATMs, online banking with bill pay, mobile banking, and toll-free access to customer service. The monthly fee is $12.

6. Clark County Credit Union – CheckAgain

You can enroll in a second chance checking account at Clark County Credit Union. All new second chance accounts require a $50 deposit into a savings account for membership and a $50 opening deposit into a checking account. There is a $12 monthly fee with free access to customer service, online banking, and free debit cards. This account will upgrade to a free checking account after 12 months of positive banking.

7. City National Bank – Safe Check

A second chance checking account at City National Bank in Las Vegas will help you to avoid overdrafts and overspending. Transactions will not be allowed if there is not enough to cover in your account. Checking features include a debit card, mobile and online banking with bill pay, mobile check deposit, and more. The opening deposit is $25, and the monthly fee is $5. You can have the fee waived with a direct deposit of over $250 per month.

8. Wells Fargo – Opportunity Checking

After applying for one of Wells Fargo’s regular checking accounts and being denied, you can apply for a second chance checking account in Mesquite or Henderson, Nevada. You can open a second chance account with $25 with a monthly fee of $10. The fee can be waived by conducting 10 debit card transactions per month or enrolling in direct deposit of $500 or more, or by maintaining a $1,500 daily balance or more. Enjoy your account online with bill pay and budget spending reports. Enroll in account alerts, overdraft protection, check writing, and more.

9. Idaho Central Credit Union – Free Checking

You can qualify for a second chance banking free checking account at Idaho CCU if you live in Jackpot, Nevada. You don’t have to worry about them checking your ChexSystems record; they will only look at your credit history. So if you don’t have bad credit, then you will be eligible. There are no minimum balance requirements and no monthly service fees. You will receive a free debit card, a free credit card, utilize card control and fraud monitoring with your account online. They will allow you to make purchases with mobile payments and take advantage of direct deposit.

10. InTouch Credit Union – Fresh Start Checking

InTouch Credit Union, in Henderson, Nevada, offers a fresh start checking for a second chance opportunity at banking. After you are approved, you will be required to deposit $5 into a savings account and then deposit $50 into a checking account. You will have access to unlimited check writing, 30,000+ free ATMs, mobile pay, bill pay with your account online, transaction alerts, and much more!

11. WestStar Credit Union – Fresh Start Checking

WestStar Credit Union, in Reno or for second chance banking Las Vegas, offers a second chance checking account to help you rebuild your finances. There are no minimum balances required, but there are monthly maintenance fees assessed at the end of the month, typically $16.50. Account features include online services, mobile access with your smartphone, e statements, free debit MasterCard, courtesy overdraft, direct deposit, and teller telephone banking.

12. Unify Financial Credit Union – Right Start Checking

Unify Federal Credit Union has many branches with one branch location in Las Vegas, Nevada. This second chance, free checking account has no monthly maintenance fee. The opening deposit is $25, with no minimum balance required. Features include online services, free overdraft protection, and more.

13. US Bank – Safe Debit Account

US Bank, in Las Vegas, offers a safe debit second chance checking account. The checking account doesn’t allow check writing, and the monthly fee is $4.95. Features include online service with bill pay, mobile check deposit, no overdraft fees, free credit score viewing, and discounts on money orders.

14. Washington Savings Bank – Online Rewards Checking

The Online Rewards Checking account at Washington Savings Bank is a second chance checking account option to rebuild your financial status. Washington Savings is not a ChexSystems bank for this account or has any harsh ChexSystems check requirements. The monthly fee is $14.95 with a $10 opening deposit and offers online bank account services, free debit card, bill pay with budgeting tools, mobile deposit, and much more.

15. Radius Bank – Essential Checking

If you are unable to qualify for a regular checking account with Radius Bank, then you will be eligible for a second chance essential checking account. Second chance banking features include a $9 monthly fee, daily debit limit of $500, mobile check deposit limit of $1,000 per day and $2,000 per 10 days, and eligibility to upgrade your second chance checking to a regular checking account after 12 months. Other second chance checking features are online bill pay, mobile app, direct deposit, and more.

16. Navy Federal Credit Union – Free Easy Checking

If you are looking for second chance banking, Navy Federal Credit Union doesn’t require a ChexSystems credit check. You just have to be eligible for membership by being connected to the military, either currently serving, have served, or by being an immediate family member. The Free Easy Checking is a second chance checking that has no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. Checking features include online services, including mobile deposit, account information notifications, transfers, ATM access, a debit card, interest-earning, and more.

17. GTE Financial – Go Further Checking

A Go Further second chance checking account at GTE Financial is the first step in rebuilding your banking relationship. The monthly fee is $9.95 a month, but can we waived by enrolling in electronic statements, making $500 deposits per month, and using your debit or credit card 15 times or more per month. After 12 months, you can be eligible to upgrade your second chance checking to a better checking account. Other features are free access to 30,000 ATMs, online services with phone center access, bill pay, mobile deposit, unlimited check writing, account alerts, and a debit card.

18. Peoples Cash Solutions – Second Chance Checking

You can apply for a second chance checking at Peoples Cash Solutions, a bank for a second chance. The monthly fee is $4.95, with no account opening fee or other fees. You will receive a free debit MasterCard, free checkbook, ATM access, online services, mobile app, and customer service bankers support. It is okay if you are in ChexSystems or TeleCheck.