Second Chance Banking Missouri

Does your new employer require you to have a direct deposit? Or are you frustrated with your day to day finances without a bank account? Does your ChexSystems record seem to hold you back from opening a regular checking account? While it may be challenging to apply and be eligible for any bank account you want, there are many banks and credit unions that offer second chance banking options in Missouri and don’t use ChexSystems. Second chance banking allows you to manage your money while in the meantime, rebuild and prove your good behavior with banking. Check them out state by state on the main page.

These are the Best Options for Second Chance Checking Missouri

The FDIC states that 8.5% of households in Missouri don’t have a bank account. Many reasons can contribute to this percentage, including living paycheck to paycheck, distrust in financial institutions, and unable to qualify for a regular account due to the need for a second chance checking. If you are unable to be eligible for an account due to your ChexSystems record, check out our list of the best options for second chance banking in Missouri.


The Online Checking account at BBVA is one of the best second chance checking accounts you can open, especially with a ChexSystems record. BBVA doesn’t use ChexSystems; they use Early Warning Systems to monitor your account. There are no banking locations in Missouri, but if you feel comfortable with and enjoy online banking, BBVA offers an award-winning online and mobile banking experience for you.

How this Account Benefits You:

  • Only need $25 to open.
  • Pay no ATM fees at 64,000+ BBVA and Allpoint participating locations.
  • Pay no monthly service charge.
  • Manage and monitor your checking accounts with online and mobile banking services
  • Enroll in optional overdraft protection programs
  • Earn cashback rewards when you use your debit card
  • Enroll in the BBVA ClearBenefits program for $4.00 a month for services that provide identity protection, phone protection, and more.


Online banking is becoming a new routine and continuously improving with modern technology. And if your employer requires you to enroll in direct deposit, why not look at an online-only bank? Chime offers a Spending Account to assist you with your financial and money management needs. They provide many services similar to brick and mortar banks without a physical location. They don’t use ChexSystems or check your credit score.

How this Account Benefits You:

  • Receive a free VISA debit card and free card replacement
  • Have the ability to turn off your card transactions with your mobile app in case of a lost card
  • Pay no fees
  • No need to meet minimum balance requirements
  • Save the difference on each transaction you make to build up your saving account slowly
  • Connect your card to Google or Apply Pay and use your phone to make purchases
  • Potentially receive your direct deposits up to 2 days before payday
  • Be eligible for free overdraft protection with SpotMe
  • Withdrawal cash for free from their network of 38,000 ATMs

3.Great Southern Bank

If your looking for second chance banking around Springfield, Missouri, Great Southern Bank has an account for you. They don’t hold your ChexSystems record against you as long as you don’t have any unpaid account fees. Many second chance checking accounts come with a few restrictions as this one does. But if you can prove yourself with positive banking history and successful completion of the “FDIC Smart Money” course over a 60 day wait period, you can request to upgrade your account to one of their other options.

How this Account Benefits You:

  • Need $25 to open
  • No minimum balance required
  • Receive a free debit card
  • Only pay a $10 monthly service fee
  • Have the ability to upgrade your account after 60 days

4.GTE Financial

GTE Financial in Missouri offers a Go Further Checking to those who need a second chance and can’t qualify for their Full Access or Premium Checking accounts. This account comes with virtual banking with bill pay, 30,000 free ATM access, unlimited check writing, and debit card reward points. The monthly service fee is $9.95 per month. Still, it can be avoided by enrolling in electronic statements and having a qualifying direct deposit or by making at least 15 purchases out of the account per month. You are also eligible to upgrade your second chance checking account after one year of good standing with GTE Financial.

5.Go Bank

Affiliated with Green Dot Corporation, Go Bank is an online bank with no physical locations in Missouri, that doesn’t use ChexSystems and will give you a second chance bank account. It only costs $20 to open, and the $8.95 fee is waived with a qualifying direct deposit. Features include early direct deposit, the ability to deposit cash into your account at participating retailers for a fee, accessing online banking with bill pay, check writing, and taking advantage of their money management tools.

6.Focus Bank

Apply for a Fresh Start Checking at Focus Bank in Missouri. This account is a second chance at re-establishing credit and banking history. As long as you don’t have any unpaid balances on your ChexSystems record, you can enroll. There is an opening deposit of $50 required, and a monthly service fee of $7.95 reduced to $5.95 with enrollment in electronic statements. No minimum balance required, free online and mobile banking with bill pay and debit card.

7.First State Community Bank

You can apply for an Opportunity Checking account with First State Community Bank in Missouri. This a second chance checking option that will help you rebuild your finances and credit. Open a checking account with $50 deposit and pay a $7.95 monthly fee with direct deposit or $9.95 monthly fee without direct deposit. Services include online banking with bill pay and a debit card.

8.Electro Savings Credit Union

Electro Savings Credit Union has a Fresh Start Checking for second chance banking in St. Louis, Missouri. This checking account offers free online banking services with bill pay. There is a $10 monthly fee but no minimum service requirements.

9.Columbia Credit Union

If you are having trouble opening a regular checking account, Columbia Credit Union in Missouri offers a Fresh Start Checking account. You can open a second chance checking account with a $15 monthly service fee. To avoid higher costs, you will need to enroll in electronic statements. Other features include no minimum balance required, the first box of checks ordered are free, ATM access for free at 30,000 locations, and free online banking services.

10.Simmons Bank

The Affordable Advantage Checking account at Simmons Bank in Missouri is for those who need a second chance at banking, credit rebuilding, and a better way to track to their spending. There is a $25 opening deposit required and a $5 monthly fee. You can enjoy online services and their savings round-up program.

11.Golden 1 Credit Union

Improve your credit history and meet your financial goals with a SmartStart Checking at Golden 1 Credit Union in Missouri. There is no monthly service fee, no minimum balance requirements, and no opening deposit required. You receive access to free online services, free order of checks, and access to member education workshops. After 12 months of good standing with your second chance checking, you will be eligible to transfer to a Free Checking account.

12.Health Care Family Credit Union

You can open a Fresh Start Checking account with Health Care Family Credit Union in Missouri. This checking account will give you a second chance at managing your money. You need $50 to open the second chance checking with no minimum balance requirements. A direct deposit is required, and the monthly fee is $10. After 12 months of no mistakes, you can upgrade to one of their traditional checking accounts.

13.Montgomery Bank

Montgomery Bank doesn’t use ChexSystems for their New Start Checking in Missouri. This second chance checking account will help you rebuild your financial history for a second chance, and you can open an account with $20 and pay no service fees. You have the option of unlimited check writing, online services with bill pay, and more.

14.St. Louis Community Credit Union

The Second Chance Checking at St. Louis Community Credit Union in Missouri, also known as the Freedom Checking, doesn’t use ChexSystems. As long as you open a savings account with the second chance checking, you can use the account with checks, direct deposit, and a free debit card. After 60 days of good standing, you can qualify for overdraft protection of $200. After 6 months, you can upgrade to a regular account.

15.Town and Country Bank

The Take Control Card account at Town and Country Bank in Missouri is an excellent second chance checking option to help you manage your money and budget without the hassle of a prepaid debit card. There is a monthly service fee of $4.95 and a $50 opening deposit required. You can enjoy online services, 24,000 fee-free ATM access, overdraft protection, and easy access to the account online, at ATM or branch locations.

16.United Consumers Credit Union

Get a fresh start with a Second Chance Checking at United Consumers Credit Union in Missouri. This credit union doesn’t use ChexSystems, but it is required that you don’t have any fraud or unpaid balances on your record. You will need to apply in person; the account comes with a $10 monthly fee and a $100 opening deposit. You can write an unlimited amount of checks and manage your money with online services. After 12 months of successful account management, you may be eligible to upgrade to a free Classic Checking.

17.BOK Financial

The Opportunity account at BOK Financial allows you to have second chance banking in Kansas City, Missouri. The monthly fee is $10 without direct deposit and $5 with a qualifying direct deposit. You are allowed 1 overdraft fee return once per year and can access over 32,000 free ATMs within their network. Also, take advantage of online services and electronic statements to avoid a fee.

18.United Credit Union

The Restore Checking at United Credit Union in Missouri allows a second chance. They use Chexsystems, but as long as you don’t have any reported fraud or unpaid balances on your record, you are eligible for their account. The fee for the account is $10 a month, but you can access online services, bill pay, and a debit card. Also, after 6 months of positive banking with United Credit Union, you can upgrade to one of their other checking accounts.

19.Wells Fargo

If you don’t qualify for one of Wells Fargo’s regular checking accounts in Missouri, you will be eligible for an Opportunity Checking. You can open an account with a $25 deposit and avoid the monthly fee when you qualify with 10 debit card transactions, qualifying direct deposits, or a minimum balance. You can also access standard online services, including mobile deposit, checks, and bill pay.