Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems in California

Enrolling in a bank account should be a quick and straightforward process. After all, your reason for opening a bank account is to have a safe place to store your income and easily manage your day to day financial transactions. Most banks use ChexSystems to run your information through when applying for an account. Running information through a ChexSystems banks process can make opening an account take longer and possibly end up in denial. Being denied for a checking account may be due to past financial mistakes like over-drafting or writing a bounced check. The need for a checking account is great, and being denied can be a scary and overwhelming feeling.

Top 20 Non ChexSystems Banks in California

In California, it is estimated that 6.2% of households are unbanked as of the most current data from 2015, this means 2,418,000 of the population don’t use banks in California. And if your reason is due to being denied based on your ChexSystems report or bad credit, then you have come to the right place. Review our list of the best non ChexSystems banks second chance accounts that you can sign up for right now.

1. Radius Bank

Enroll in an Essential Checking at Radius Bank if you are having trouble becoming eligible for a regular checking account. Not only is Radius Bank an online-only bank that still offers just as many great features as a bank with physical locations, but they also provide accounts to help you rebuild your finances. To be eligible for second chance banking, you have to be denied for one of their regular accounts.

Account limits and features:

  • The account’s limitations and fees include a max spending limit of $500 a day with your debit card, a mobile deposit limit of $1,000 a day, $2,000 every 10 days, and a $9 monthly fee.
  • You don’t have to pay a monthly account fee forever; if you display positive banking habits for 12 months, you can upgrade.
  • Use their financial dashboard to create a budget to help manage your money while tracking spending.
  • Direct deposit your paychecks into your account
  • Use bill pay to pay your bills and send money to others
  • Review your account balances and transactions anytime with the mobile app and online banking.

2. Chime

If you enjoy internet banking, then Chime Bank is a top choice. Only based online, Chime is a second chance bank that offers a spending account not subject to ChexSystems or credit checks. Their top priority is to give you great online features while providing them at little to no cost to you.

Why We Recommend Chime:

  • No hidden monthly fees
  • Receive your direct deposit as early as 2 days before payday
  • Enjoy online and mobile banking services for your second chance checking.
  • Start saving by automatically rounding up purchases and putting the difference in your savings account.
  • Use their mobile app to disable your VISA debit card anytime.
  • Use mobile platforms to pay without carrying your card around.
  • Qualify for overdraft protection for free if eligible with SpotMe
  • Access their network of 38,000 ATMs for free


Look no further than BBVA, one of the non Chexsystems banks that is all about giving you the best user experience with their online and banking features. You can live anywhere to open an account with BBVA, but with 61 locations of their 649 banks in California, you can have access to the best of both worlds. The best account for those in need of a second chance is their Online Checking bank account.

Why We Recommend BBVA:

  • Open a checking account with as little as $25
  • Access online and mobile banking services to manage your money.
  • No monthly service charge
  • Overdraft protection
  • No ATM fees at their BBVA locations including 64,000 participating AllPoint 7-Elevens
  • Opt for electronic statements to avoid $3 monthly fee
  • Earn cash back rewards just for spending money on your debit card
  • You have the option to enroll in the BBVA ClearBenefits Program for identity theft, insurance, cell phone protection, and more for only $4 a month.

4. Fort Sill National Bank

Fort Sill National is a non ChexSystems bank that offers a few different second chance checking accounts. There are no banks in California, but you can still enroll in an account. The most straightforward account they offer is the Basic Checking, although you can join in any of their other accounts.

Why We Recommend Fort Sill National Bank:

  • Open a second chance checking account with only $5
  • Only pay a monthly fee of $6 if balance falls below $75
  • Waive paper statement fees by enrolling in electronic statements
  • If your account balance is $500 or above, you can start accruing interest
  • Write an unlimited amount of checks
  • Access basic online banking services
  • Enroll in their Savings Round Up program to deposit rounded transactions made by your debit card into your savings account

5 . US Bank

With multiple banks in California, US Bank offers a second chance checking account called the Safe Debit account. This account is very similar to a checking account. For an opening deposit of $25 and a monthly fee of $4.95, you can have access to online banking bill pay, no fees for overdrafts, and low balance alerts.

6. Union Bank

If your ChexSystems record is over a year old with current balances and no fraud, then you can easily access one of Union Banks 398 banks in California to open a Bank Freely Checking account. Open this opportunity checking account for $1 or more with no monthly service charges. You won’t be charged for overdrafts under $5, and you can receive two fee-free ATM transactions from non-Union Bank ATMs.

7. American United Federal Credit Union

Apply for a Fresh Start Checking at one of the American United Federal Credit Unions in California. This second chance checking comes with overdraft protection options, online banking with bill pay, end of year award dividends, and free access at over 30,000 ATMs. There is a small fee to open the account and small monthly fees to maintain.

8. California Coast Credit Union

California Coast Credit Union uses ChexSystems when you apply for one of their checking accounts. If your ChexSystems report disqualifies you, then you will be offered enrollment in their second chance Fresh Start Checking bank account.

9. Strata Credit Union

Strata Credit Union, located in California, offers a Fresh Start Checking to its members who have had trouble with ChexSystems banks and to help them build their banking history. The second chance account features include a $25 opening deposit, no minimum balance requirements, a $10 monthly fee, online services, and more. After 1 year of positive banking, you can be eligible for their Free Checking products.

10. Premier America Credit Union

A non ChexSystems account called the Fresh Start Checking is available from Premier America Credit Union in California. To apply, you have to visit one of their branch locations. There is a $25 minimum deposit to open and a $13 monthly fee that can be reduced to $10 with a qualifying direct deposit.

11. Excite Credit Union

You can have a second chance with a Fresh Start Checking from one of the Excite Credit Unions in California. Excite is willing to work with you if you have had issues with ChexSystems in the past. Open an account with a $50 deposit, maintain your account with a $10 monthly fee and have access to many services, including online banking.

12. Los Angeles Federal Credit Union

Los Angeles Federal Credit Union in California offers a non ChexSystems required account called the Second Chance Checking. You can use many features, including online banking and free access to ATMs, but you will be subject to their general checking account fees.

13. Mid Cities Credit Union

Apply for a Second Chance Checking for $5, and be subject to monthly service fees. After 1 year of good standing, you can open a Free Checking account at Mid Cities Credit Union in California. Features include a $25 minimum opening deposit, no monthly fee, unlimited check writing, online banking, and dividends paid and compounded monthly.

14. Southland Credit Union

If you are unable to open a Free Checking account at one of the Southland Credit Unions who use ChexSystems in California, then you will be eligible for an Opportunity Checking. You will be able to apply after being denied due to ChexSystems for an account.

15. Alta Vista Credit Union

Alta Vista Credit Union in California offers an Opportunity Checking account to those who don’t qualify for a Basic Pro Checking account. First, apply for a regular account and review your options after denial due to ChexSystems, if applicable.

16. Ventura County Credit Union

You will be eligible for a Second Chance Checking at Ventura County Credit Union in California after being denied due to ChexSystems for one of their regular checking accounts. The fee for a second chance checking is $5 with a direct deposit or $12 without a direct deposit.

17. E-Central Credit Union

The E-Builder Checking account at E-Central Credit Union in California will help you build back your finances. They don’t use ChexSystems to determine your eligibility for this account. There is a $50 minimum opening deposit, overdraft protection, and ability to upgrade after 12 months.

18. Federal Employees West Federal Credit Union

You can apply for a regular checking account at Federal Employees West Federal Credit Union in California if you have no delinquent loans at other credit unions, no negative balances on accounts, and no legal levies on your credit. They don’t use ChexSystems. Some features of an account include the ability to earn interest on account balance, online banking, unlimited check writing, and overdraft protection.

19. Heritage Community Credit Union

If you aren’t eligible for a regular checking account at one of Heritage Community Credit Unions in California due to ChexSystems, you can qualify for a 2nd Chance Checking. The checking account comes with a $10 monthly fee.

20. Priority One Credit Union

The New Leaf Checking at Priority One Credit Union will give you a second chance bank account. There is a $25 opening deposit required, a monthly fee of $15, and a $500 minimum direct deposit. They don’t use ChexSystems, but you are subject to meeting a credit score approval.

21. Self-Help Federal Credit Union

Apply for an Access Checking at Self-Help Federal Credit Union. You don’t need any money to open an account, and you can waive the $5 monthly fee if you meet one of their requirements. Enjoy free online banking and interest earned on your account balance.