Best Second Chance Banks and Credit Unions in Michigan

If you have been searching Google with the term “second chance checking account Michigan” or for any bank account that doesn’t use ChexSystems, then you have come to the right place. Having bad credit or poor banking history with ChexSystems doesn’t have to stop you from opening a bank account. While many banks and credit unions use ChexSystems to determine if you are eligible for one of their bank accounts, many banks offer second chance options. Second chance checking accounts will give you many of the great features of a regular checking account but with a few more limits or small fees, and for the most part, second chance checking accounts don’t use ChexSystems or only have simple, specific ChexSystems expectations that you are required to meet.

List of Best Second Chance Banking Michigan

Since 2017, in the state of Michigan, 5% of households are unbanked. The FDIC conducts this bank survey information for us every few years. Being unbanked means, you have to find alternative ways to pay bills, cash checks, store your money, and more. Some of these alternatives are considerably more time consuming and more expensive than utilizing a checking account. If the only thing stopping you is your credit history, credit score, or ChexSystems record with banking, then consider our list of second chance checking accounts!

1. Radius Bank

At Radius Bank, there are no financial institutions or banks located in Michigan, but you can open an account online with Essential Checking account features. You will be able to apply for this second chance account if you don’t qualify for a regular checking. This type of online banking makes managing your money simple while also providing you fast access to it. Radius Bank won’t use ChexSystems when signing up for an account.

Features of this account:

  • There is a 9$ monthly service charge.
  • To help you receive a fresh start with your finances, there are limits set with this account. Some of them are a $500 daily spending limit, and a mobile deposit limit of $1,000 per day and $2,000 per 10 days.
  • You will be eligible to upgrade your checking account to one of their regular checking accounts after 12 months of positive banking.
  • Access many features with online and mobile banking.
  • Manage your money with their “Financial Dashboard.”

2. Chime Bank

You can open a bank account online with Chime bank, as there are no physical, financial institutions or banks in Michigan. The spending account has all you need to be successful in managing your money. This checking account is considered a second chance account because Chime does not initiate a credit check, credit report, nor looks at your ChexSystems record. All you need to do is sign up online with a few details of your information, and you will be automatically enrolled in a checking and savings account with a free VISA debit card on its way to you.

Features of this account:

  • There are no monthly fees associated with the Spending account. The only cost you may run into is out of network cash withdrawals.
  • Chime wants you to gain a savings habit, and they help you do this. With every transaction, it will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. The difference will be deposited into your savings accounts.
  • You will have online banking and mobile app access to your accounts. You will also be able to turn off your debit card if it gets lost or stolen.
  • If it is a hassle to bring your wallet with you wherever you go, you can enroll in mobile payments and pay with Google or Apple pay.
  • You can qualify for fee-free overdraft protection at SpotMe.
  • Your direct deposit can arrive in your account as early as 2 days before payday.
  • Access free ATMs at over 34,000+ locations

3. BBVA Bank

BBVA has non ChexSystems banks that will give you a second chance at having a bank account. Rather than using ChexSystems, BBVA banks use Early Warning Systems (EWS) and your credit report. While there are no financial institution branch locations or banks located in Michigan, you can open a bank account called the online checking via their website. This online checking account is just one of many accounts and provides many features to help you take care of and manage your money.

Features of this account:

  • The opening minimum deposit is $25
  • There is no monthly maintenance fee.
  • There are no ATM fees at over 64,000 BBVA ATMs banks and AllPoint ATM locations.
  • Receive a free VISA debit card with the bank account
  • Enjoy online banking bill pay, and the mobile app to access your bank account.
  • When you spend with your debit card, you will be eligible to receive cash back rewards.
  • BBVA offers an overdraft protection program to help you avoid overspending and fees
  • The BBVA ClearBenefits program provides you identity theft services, cell phone protection, and more for only $4 a month.

4. Jolt Credit Union

Jolt Credit Union in Michigan has financial institutions that don’t use ChexSystems; they only check your credit report. They provide many checking accounts, and one of them is called the Checking with Debit Rewards. This checking account offers no minimum balance requirements or monthly fees. You also receive 1 debit reward point for every $5 spent with a debit card, access to online services with bill pay, and 30,000 free ATMs to withdraw cash.

5. Advantage One Credit Union

Checking accounts at all Advantage One Credit Unions in Michigan are available to those who have served, currently serving, or retired from the military. You can take advantage of any of the checking accounts with a ChexSystems record, but the simplest one is Basic Checking. This account comes with unlimited check writing, no monthly maintenance fees, or minimum balance requirements. You have the option to enroll in overdraft protection and direct deposit.

6. COPOCO Community Credit Union

COPOCO Community Credit Union in Michigan provides checking accounts without the use of ChexSystems but may use TeleCheck or your credit report. Features of their bank accounts with mandatory direct deposit include no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements, free online bank access, debit card, audio teller hotline, overdraft privilege, and more. If you don’t enroll or are unable to enroll in direct deposit, then you will be charged a $2 monthly fee if the account balance falls below $300.

7. Credit Union One

A second chance checking account option that doesn’t use ChexSystems is called the Basic Checking and is available at Credit Union One in Michigan. You only need $25 to open an account and pay a monthly fee of $10 with enrollment in direct deposit. Other features include a debit card, online banking with bill pay, 30,000 free ATM access, and account alerts.

8. Community First Federal Credit Union

Community First Federal Credit Union in Michigan won’t use ChexSystems when you apply for a checking account, but they may look at your credit report. Members of the credit union won’t have to pay any monthly fees associated with a checking account. Features include the ability to earn a dividend on balance, check writing, debit MasterCard with added security, access to 30,000 free ATMs, and more.

9. Horizon Bank

Horizon Bank offers a Fresh Start Checking account to help you rebuild your credit score and credit report even with a ChexSystems record. You can apply at one of their non ChexSystems banks for accounts in Michigan. Features of the bank account include no minimum balance requirements, a $5 monthly fee, a $3 paper statement fee, which can be waived with e-statement enrollment, unlimited check writing, and online access to your accounts.

10. Consumers Credit Union

You have a selection of a couple of different checking accounts at Consumers Credit Union in Michigan. They do not use ChexSystems but may review your credit report when you apply at one of their credit unions. The most basic free checking is called Simple Checking. There are no fees associated with the account as long as you enroll in electronic statements. You will receive a free debit card, 24-hour online and mobile banking access, bill pay, unlimited check writing, 30,000 free ATMs to use, member perks, and more.

11. Central Savings Bank

Central Savings Bank has non ChexSystems banks in Michigan where you can open a checking account. They may pull your credit report to verify eligibility rather than using ChexSystems. You can apply for a couple of checking accounts, but one called the Personal No Charge Checking account features no minimum balance requirement or monthly service charges.

12. Eaton Federal Savings Bank

Another one of the non ChexSystems banks is Eaton Federal Savings Bank in Michigan. Telecheck or a credit report may be used to qualify you for an account rather than ChexSystems. They offer many online services for account holders, including online and mobile banking, mobile deposit, telephone banking, direct deposit, and more.

13. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo, with many banks located in Michigan, including Grand Rapids, they offer second chance checking account options called an Opportunity Checking. You are asked to apply for their regular checking accounts first to see if you qualify. If you do not qualify due to your ChexSystems record, then you are eligible for the Opportunity Checking. Features include opening deposit of $25, online services, $10 monthly service fee, which can be waived by making 10 or more debit transactions, $500 direct deposit, or maintaining a $1,500 minimum balance.

14. CoVantage Credit Union

CoVantage Credit Union in Michigan doesn’t use ChexSystems but may check your credit report when you apply for one of their accounts. The Fee-Free Checking has no monthly service fee or minimum balance requirement, includes an ATM card, earns interest on a $500 daily balance, online service access to your account, eligibility for overdraft protection, and optional check writing.

15. InTouch Credit Union

You can open a fresh start checking account with a checking account application at one of the InTouch Credit Unions in Michigan, even with a ChexSystems record. When you meet membership requirements, when opening an account, you can become a member of the credit union, and access unlimited check writing, free ATM withdrawal fees from 30,000 locations, mobile pay, online services, and bill pay.

16. Community Wide Federal Credit Union

Community Wide Federal Credit Union has credit unions in Michigan that don’t use ChexSystems; they use your credit report to determine eligibility for one of their checking accounts. Features and benefits of their accounts are online services, bill pay, mobile deposit, overdraft services, identity theft protection, financial counseling, and more.

17. Kent County Credit Union

The Fresh Start Checking account at Kent County Credit Union in Michigan offers many features. You are not required to maintain a minimum balance with an opening deposit of $10. You will be able to write unlimited checks, access your banking accounts online, and with a mobile app, enroll in overdraft programs and withdraw cash from over 30,000 ATM locations.

18. Family First Credit Union

At Family First Credit Union in Michigan, they won’t look at your ChexSystems record but may check your credit report when you apply. The Free Checking account offers a free card, online services, internet on balances over $2,500, no minimum balance requirements, a free box of checks, and overdraft protection.

19. Marshall Community Credit Union

Marshall Community Credit Union in Michigan offers a Fresh Start Checking account. The details of the account are no minimum balances required, an $8 monthly fee that can be reduced with direct deposit and e statements, online access to your account, and more.

20. Members First Credit Union

You can apply for a Fresh Start Checking at Members First Credit Union in Michigan. You will need to visit one of their locations to apply with a $25 opening deposit.

21. Meijer Credit Union

The Pathways Checking at Meijer Credit Union offers a fresh start checking option because everyone qualifies. You can enjoy no minimum balance requirement, a free card, online access to accounts with the mobile app, and a $5 monthly service fee.

22. TCF Bank

TCF Bank has non ChexSystems banks that allow everyone to apply for a TCF Base Account. This account requires a $25 opening deposit and a $4 monthly fee. Features are no overdraft fees, digital banking, online bill pay, free withdrawals from ATMs, and more.

23. Western Federal Credit Union

Another fresh start checking option is the Right Start Checking account at Western Federal Credit Union. You can open an account with a $25 deposit and receive no monthly fees, overdraft protection, access to digital banking, and more.

24. Preferred Credit Union

You can open a Fresh Start Checking account at Preferred Credit Union. You are required to open with a $50 deposit, $25 into savings and the other half into the checking account. There is a $10 monthly fee; deposits are not accepted through the ATM, and more. Features include unlimited check writing, same day cash availability for direct deposits, and the ability to upgrade account after 12 months of positive use of accounts.