31 Day Challenge – Live like You’re Dying

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little bit like I’ve lost my voice here. Or maybe I’ve never even yet found it? I started the blog to have financial accountability while we are paying down our debt. I figured I would have one or two posts a week talking about what we’d sold or some way we’d saved money and frequent posts stat using where we are on our debt. I figured I would talk a fair bit about Biblical lessons on money and being a good wife or mother. Sometimes I hit those points, but often I don’t.

If that journey doesn’t interest you – if you want to read more posts on how to get a raise, ways to turn a passion into income, or ways to save money on groceries, you might want to unsubscribe. I certainly won’t be covering that during October – and possibly never again.

The challenge hit me, because it made me stop and think “what is really important to me?” The answer to that question interweaves so many themes of my blog – my faith, finances, and family. Obviously, if I only had 31 days left to live, I’d eat whatever I want, quit my job, and probably not blog here – I’d be 100% focused on my family. But I’m not going to quit my job or quit blogging (kinda beside the point, anyway). No, I’m going to be here sharing the small steps I’m taking in my “last” 31 days.

If you are interested in following along, please be sure to like my Facebook page, connect with me on Google Plus, or follow me on twitter or Instagram (Kirsten_Indebted). I have got some social media plans for this challenge, so don’t miss out!

Instead, I think you’ll find me reflecting on how to set my family up financially when I’m gone, how to leave a legacy for my children, how to set my husband up for success, and how I can leave behind reminders of my love. I’m want to learn to be in the moment. Learn to hold on to what is pure and beautiful. Learn to look toward Heaven with anticipation and hope, rather than just giving it a glance.

I do hope you’ll also join me here, but also know that I’ll be out living a life – my “last” days of it, so I might not be stopping over to your blog for every new post. Let’s still be friends (please?), and I’ll do my best to come back by in November, Lord willing (because God does not promise us tomorrow).