How Jayleen Became a Stay-at-Home Mom

So far, the ladies who have participated have not disappointed. Last week was an enlightening interview with work-at-home mom Christina from Embracing Simple Blog. This week, we are having coffee with Jayleen from the personal finance blog with the coolest name ever – How Do the Jones Do It? (And if you are not having coffee, all I can say is “why?”)

How do the Jones do it? I mean, inquiring minds want to know, right? That question sums up this interview series I have been doing – I can’t afford to be a stay-at-home mom with the massive student loan debt we have, but it’s always seemed to me like it came easy to every one who took the plunge. Sure, I knew they were sacrificing – maybe skipping vacations and maybe cutting coupons. But I wanted to know the details.

Her Prior Career

I worked as a server and gym receptionist. When his tour was up, we moved back to Washington where I worked for my brother. I also worked for my dad (yes, everyone in my family has their own business) and also had a temporary part time state job for a bit. The last job I held was working as a stocker at Costco. A few years into working at Costco, Blake had finished his degree and started teaching, I was pregnant and we decided it was time to stay home!

Why did you decide to become a stay home mom

Staying home was a joint decision for Blake and I. I had worked multiple part time jobs while he finished up school and was pregnant with our daughter. I loved stocking at Costco but knew I would be destined to folding clothes at Costco the bigger I got. For some reason, that didn’t sound appealing and we decided it was time.

What lessons have you learned

It was pretty easy for us to transition since we didn’t have much time to get used to two incomes. We have learned how to put our money in places that mean the most to us and let go of the rest.

What Advice could you give out?

Just do it! The circumstances will never be perfect. You may need to change your lifestyle a bit but it is so worth it! Some how, some way we always made it work. That is, if you want to stay home. I personally know moms that love to work and staying home is just not their thing.