ChexSystem Customer Service (How To Actually Talk To a Live Person)

Did you just find out that you are in ChexSystems after being denied enrollment in a bank account or from some other service? Being in ChexSystems means your previous banking has been reported to them due to mishandling with your past accounts. Ways you end up in ChexSystems include over-drafting your account, bouncing checks, closing accounts with an unpaid negative balance, and activity related to fraud.

Knowing what is listed on your record can help you identify if there are any unpaid balances on an old account. Paying these balances will improve your record, and some banks will even allow you to open an account once all balances have been paid. You may also be able to identify inaccurate reporting. You can contact ChexSystems to request a copy of your consumer disclosure to find out what is on your record. This report can be requested for free every 12 months. You can also dispute claims made by past financial institutions if they are not accurate.

Know Your Rights Before You Call

Before contacting ChexSystems, there is some information to know regarding your rights as a consumer under the law to give you the best course of action to take with your ChexSystems file.

Receive Agency Information Right Away

As soon as you learn that you were denied enrollment in an account or service due to your ChexSystems record, you have the right to receive the information about the agency that reported the negative score to them.

Request Your ChexSystems Consumer Disclosure

You have the right to request your ChexSystems consumer disclosure report. You can also request a report if you end up in a unique situation like being a victim of identity theft, having an inaccurate file due to fraud, are currently unemployed looking for a job, and more. Typically information that is paid in full will be removed after 5 years, but some reports can be on your record for 7 years. To request your ChexSystems record, you can do so in a few different ways:

  • Via Their Website, you can fill out an online form here
  • Mail a request for a report to ChexSystems, Inc. Attn: Consumer Relations 7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100 Woodbury, MN 55125
  • Fax a request for a report to 602.659.2197
  • Call and request a report: 800.428.9623

Request Your ChexSystems Consumer Score

You have the right to request your ChexSystems consumer score. This score is calculated based on account and banking history that has been reported. The score only displays negative behavior with banking ranging between the numbers of 100 to 899. The higher the score, the less risk that is presented to the company requesting information. You can request your score by sending in a form by either:

  • Mailing the “score order form” to ChexSystems, Inc. Attn: Consumer Relations 7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100 Woodbury, MN 55125
  • Faxing the “score order form” to 602.659.2197

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Dispute Inaccurate Information on Your ChexSystems Record

Once you review your ChexSystems record, it is possible to find inaccurate information. An example of inaccurate information could be account balances that were discharged due to bankruptcy that were not removed from your record. If you do find invalid details, you have the right to dispute it. ChexSystems has 30 calendar days to review your dispute; if they do not complete the investigation and respond within the time frame, then the information must be deleted. You may also take up a dispute directly with the financial institution reporting the inaccurate information. In the meantime, if you are in need of a checking account, then check out these best bank checking accounts for bad credit while you dispute inaccurate information on your ChexSystem record.

  • You can submit a dispute via their online form or by submitting the “Request for Investigation Form” by mail or fax.

Ways to Take Action if Disputes are Not Resolved with ChexSystems

If ChexSystems does not resolve your dispute up to your standards, you can submit a complaint about ChexSystems. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will receive your claims. After you complete your complaint, then it will be forwarded to ChexSystems to get a response. They may send your complaint to another government agency if they are better suited for your situation. After the company reviews your claim, they should communicate with you and report the steps taken or that need to be taken to resolve the issue. The resolution of your complaint may take 15 to 60 days. The Bureau may publish the complaint online and ask you to provide feedback regarding the response. If you bank with Bank of America see this post on how Bank of America uses ChexSystems.

  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Contact Information:
  • Mail: P.O. Box 4503, Iowa City, Iowa 52244
  • Telephone: 855.411.2372
  • Fax: 855.237.2393
  • Online:

At this point, if the complaint does not resolve your dispute with ChexSystems, you may be able to seek damages from them. You may be allowed this due to a violation of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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ChexSystems and Identity Theft

If your in ChexSystems due to identity theft, there are resources you can use to help you recover from it. Visit to assist you with restoring your accounts and information. First, you will want to explain what happened and answer questions. Once they have the information, you will receive a recovery plan personalized to your situation. This plan will walk you through each step to take with pre-filled forms, letters, and more. Here are some things to do right away:

  1. Call all companies where the fraud occurred
  2. Place a fraud alert with the credit bureaus and review your credit reports
  3. Report your identity theft to the FTC
  4. File a report with your local police department

How Do I Talk to a Live Person at ChexSystems?

Now that you know your rights under federal law, it is time to contact ChexSystems. There are many ways to contact ChexSystems regarding questions, requesting information, and more. Sometimes situations are too complicated to explain in any way besides talking with a live person over the phone. The ChexSystems number located on their website can be used, but you may only get to talk to a recorded voice. You may also find it helpful to learn how to open a ChexSystem dispute.

  • Try calling 800.513.7125 and follow the prompts to speak with someone. Wait a moment to connect to the call center.

Other Ways to Contact ChexSystems Customer Service

If you can or prefer to contact ChexSystems via other methods, you can do so by mail or fax. You can find this information under their “Contact Us” page on their website. If you are looking for banks that don’t pull ChexSystems or safe online checking account with no ChexSystems those would be our recommendations.

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