As part of the challenge, I’ll be writing for only about five minutes each day (plus some time for pretty pictures and all that stuff). In preparation for my daily five-minute posts, I’m linking up with Five Minute Friday, now hosted by Kate Montague.

I don’t know why, but I was surprised by the supportive reaction for the challenge I’ve undertaken for October. In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, go here to check it out. I’m so excited to see what I’ll learn; I’m equally pumped that so many people think it’s cool and are going to follow along. I plan to do daily social media updates that won’t always coincide with the daily post, so be sure to follow me at those cute little buttons on the right-hand sidebar. Missing from that list is my Instagram account – connect with Kirsten_Indebted to see me putting the challenge into action.

The rules for Five Minute Friday are simple. Kate provides a one-word prompt and participants write on the word for – you guessed it – five minutes. The results are posted without editing, and people who follow it to the letter rarely get to fully explore the prompt (though some do better than others). Then, you visit at least one person from the link-up and offer them some encouragement.

In my career I’ve trained other people to be work in NASA’s Mission Control, troubleshooting systems sboard spacecraft orbiting high above the earth. The decisions they make are critical. After each training session, I would debrief all the things that went well and all the things that went not-so-well. And really fresh, green controllers would bite back and say “because…” No, no “because”. “Because” starts the excuse and there can be no excuses where lives are at stake – only total responsibility.

Because also gives purpose, though. I write because. I run because. I want to be a stay-at-home mom because. I’m going to live like I’m dying for 31 days because my priorities haven’t been in the right place. Because I want to remember Heaven is real. Because God hadn’t even promised me those 31 days – have I been doing His will?

When you find your child with glitter glue all over her hands, smiling proudly over the work of art that she has made herself, if you are like me, you will ask “why?” And her answer will start with “because”.

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