Banks that Don’t Use ChexSystems in Ohio

It is not well known that when applying for a bank account at a local financial institution in Ohio, that they are probably running your ChexSystems report. And it is only when you are denied from being allowed to open a checking account that you learn that you are in ChexSystems. Being in ChexSystems may discourage you from wanting to try to open a checking account out of fear that you will be denied again. While it is true that many banks and credit unions use ChexSystems, many banks that do not use ChexSystems. These types of checking accounts are usually called second chance checking accounts or fresh start checking accounts.

Second Chance Checking Account Options in Ohio

Ohio is at a 7% rate of unbanked households since the FDIC conducted their national survey in 2017. When you are unbanked, it means that you don’t use banks or credit unions for a bank account to keep your money in for conducting daily financial transactions. Some people are unbanked in Ohio because they don’t trust banks, while others may not qualify for a regular checking account due to their banking history and with banks that use ChexSystems.

Having a ChexSystems record or a bad credit report with a bank may limit your chances to enroll in a regular checking account, but there are still checking options for you. Second chance checking accounts in Ohio are abundant with many banks and credit unions. They are available to give you many of the same great features as a regular checking account while giving you a fresh start with a ChexSystems record at the same time.

Take a look at our list of checking accounts that don’t use ChexSystems in Ohio or have less strict rules when it comes to reviewing your ChexSystems credit report.

1. Radius Bank Essential Checking

An online-only bank option, not physically located in Ohio, is with Radius Bank. They provide many checking account options to choose from. If you are in ChexSystems, then the checking account that doesn’t use ChexSystems is the Essential Checking. You will need to start by applying online to see what you qualify for, and then you may be allowed to enroll in their second chance checking account after that even with a ChexSystems record.

Checking Account Features:

  • Manage your checking and savings accounts in one convenient location, either online or with your mobile phone. You can pay people, deposit checks, pay bills, add your debit card to mobile wallets like Google Pay, turn off your debit card, place spending restrictions, and so much more.
  • Learn personal finance skills with their Integrated Financial Dashboard. The dashboard will help you create a budget, track spending, view spending trends, create plans to pay off debt, and more.
  • The monthly service fee is $9
  • Your debit card will contain a limit of $500 of spending per day
  • You will be limited on mobile check deposits of $1,000 per day and $2,000 per 10 days
  • After 12 months of positive banking, you may be eligible to upgrade your second chance account to a Rewards Checking account

2. Chime Bank Spending Account

The Chime Bank Spending account is offered in Ohio as an online-only checking account option. With Chime, you will not be subject to a credit report check or that they will use ChexSystems. Their goal as a non-ChexSystems bank is to eliminate fees associated with normal bank accounts, help you build savings habits, and provide a lot of great features at the same time.

Checking Account Features:

  • You will receive a free debit card once approved for a checking account.
  • You won’t have to worry about any monthly fees associated with your debit card or bank account.
  • Round up each transaction to automatically deposit the difference into a savings account. Automatically depositing works to help you build and grow your money over time.
  • Instantly disallow transactions on your debit card if lost or stolen, and if you need a replacement, they are always free.
  • Connect your debit card to mobile payment platforms like Google Pay or Apply Pay to make purchases
  • Once Chime is aware of your incoming direct deposit, you may be able to receive it as early as 2 days.
  • Access cash at 38,000+ free ATMs, out of network fees may apply.
  • Once you qualify, get free overdraft protection with SpotMe.

3. Varo Money Checking Account

Online bank accounts are outstanding because you can take care of your money anywhere you go with an internet connection and are typically non-ChexSystems banks. Varo’s Online Checking account does not have any locations in Ohio. Still, they are built around eliminating bank fees, making it easy to manage your money, and by providing basic requirements to meet that will build you more savings. Varo won’t check your credit report or use ChexSystems when you apply.

Checking Account Features:

  • Avoid all monthly and other fees that ordinary banks charge.
  • Enroll in overdraft protection with a qualifying direct deposit and monthly debit card transactions
  • Send money instantly to other Varo account users, pay bills, make transfers, and more within the mobile app.
  • Receive push notifications on your phone anytime a deposit or a transaction is occurring on your account.
  • Once Varo is notified of your direct deposit, you may receive it up to 2 days earlier than expected.
  • Instantly lock your debit card if lost or stolen.
  • Connect your debit card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others for more accessible payment options.
  • If you have cash to deposit, visit one of the 90,000+ retailers using Green Dot Reload at the register. A service fee may apply.

4. BBVA Bank Online Checking

BBVA Bank offers you the ability to manage your checking account online, no matter where you live or what your ChexSystems record looks like. They do have financial institutions located in a few states but none in Ohio. But don’t worry, you can still open an Online Checking account via their website. Their free checking account with no fees and the ability to manage everything in one place puts them at the top of our list. BBVA also doesn’t use ChexSystems but may review your Early Warning Service (EWS) report if you are listed on there. Usually, reports to EWS are due to fraud.

Checking Account Features:

  • No monthly service charge
  • Open a checking account with a small opening deposit of $25
  • Pay $0 in fees using one of the BBVA ATMs or one within the AllPoint network of 64,000 nationwide.
  • Enjoy complimentary online banking, mobile app, mobile deposit, bill pay, and more.
  • Receive a free VISA debit card per account holder
  • Earn cash back rewards with daily purchases made with your debit card
  • Overdraft protection programs are available.
  • Enroll in the BBVA ClearBenefits program for only $4 a month and receive benefits like theft restoration, cell phone protection, and more.
  • Utilize financial tools with online banking to help you stay on and create a budget, meet savings goals, connect other bank accounts, and lots more.

5. Buckeye State Credit Union

A second chance checking account is available at Buckey State Credit Union in Akron, Ohio, Canton, Ohio, Alliance, Ohio, or Shaker Heights, Ohio, if you have had trouble when banks use ChexSystems. You will be required to have an opening deposit of $40 and pass a checking account management course to enroll with a ChexSystems record. There is a $1,000 overdraft protection, but you may be charged overdraft fees if they occur. You will be eligible to write checks, receive a free debit card, access online banking with bill pay, and avoid minimum balance requirements. If you have no overdrafts for 6 months, you will be eligible for an ATM card and shared branching network benefits.

6. First Financial Bank

The CLEANslate Checking account at First National Bank in Ohio will help you rebuild your financial health if you have had trouble when banks use ChexSystems. There is a $50 minimum deposit required and a $10 monthly service fee. Checking account features include online and mobile banking, mobile deposit, bill pay, free debit card, free ATM access at First Financial and AllPoint ATMs, and more.

7. Antwerp Exchange Bank

Antwerp Exchange Bank in Antwerp, Ohio, Payne, Ohio, or Harlan Ohio does not use ChexSystems; they only require your photo ID. You can apply for any of their checking accounts with a ChexSystems record. The best option is the New Advantage Checking, which requires a $100 opening deposit, but no monthly maintenance fee is applied. The first order of checks is provided free of charge.

8. Cardinal Credit Union

Cardinal Credit Union offers a second chance checking account to those who dont qualify for a regular checking account if you have had trouble when banks use ChexSystems. They are located in Austintown, Ohio; Mentor, Ohio, Richmond Heights, Ohio; Westlake, Ohio; and Willoughby, Ohio. The checking account has no minimum balance requirements but requires an $8.95 monthly fee with a direct deposit required. Enjoy free online banking, a free debit card, 5 free non-cardinal ATM transactions per month, and 10 free bill pay transactions per month.

9. City National Bank

A Bounce Back checking account at City National Bank located in Ohio offers a free debit card, multiple overdraft protection options, free online banking with bill pay, a mobile app, and more even if you have had trouble when banks use ChexSystems. There are no minimum balance requirements, but the monthly fee is $6.99 with direct deposit and $8.99 without direct deposit.

10. Corporate America Family Federal Credit Union

Corporate America Family Federal Credit Union, located in Marion, Ohio, offers a Fresh Start Checking account if you have had trouble when banks use ChexSystems. You are required to keep a $100 minimum balance in your checking account and pay a $10 monthly fee. They also offer an online course called Get in Balance that helps empower people with the tools needed to manage a checking account better.

11. Eaton Family Credit Union

There are opportunities for a second chance at Eaton Family Credit Union in Euclid, Ohio. The credit union will use ChexSystems, but you can be eligible for a second chance checking as long as your ChexSystems or Telecheck history is at least 3 months old, and unpaid balances are under $500. Limitations for checking account use include a $200 ATM withdrawal limit, $500 daily purchase limit, required direct deposit, and a $10 monthly fee. You will be able to manage your bank account online, use free checks, and use a free debit MasterCard with no minimum balance requirements.

12. Hopewell Federal Credit Union

You can apply for a Rebound Checking at Hopewell Federal Credit Union in Heath, Ohio, Newark, Ohio, or Johnstown, Ohio, if you have had trouble when banks use ChexSystems. The monthly charge is $8, and there is no overdraft protection offered. But you can enjoy online features with bill pay, direct deposit, shared branching, and the opportunity to upgrade your bank account after 12 months of positive banking.

13. LorMet Community Federal Credit Union

LorMet Community Federal Credit Union offers a second chance checking at their locations in Lorain County, Ohio, Bay Village, Ohio, Rocky River, Ohio, or Westlake, Ohio. The credit union will use ChexSystems, but you can still be eligible for a bank account as long as your ChexSystems reporting is older than 6 months, contains no more than 1 reporting record at a max of $500, and has no fraud listed on your record. The monthly fee is $9.95, with a one-time setup fee of $25 and a minimum opening deposit of $50. Features include a free debit card after the first direct deposit is received, free online banking, and a mobile app with check deposit. You will be limited to no overdraft protection, no check writing, and required electronic statements.

14. Members Trust Federal Credit Union

You can get a second chance at a checking account with Members Trust Federal Credit Union in Mason, Ohio. They want to help those who have been turned down for bank accounts in the past when they use ChexSystems. You can contact their member service department to find out if you are eligible for one of their TRUST and Alternative Checking accounts.

15. Miami University and Community Federal Credit Union

There is second chance checking accounts available at Miami University and Community Federal Credit Union in Oxford, Ohio, Hamilton, Ohio, and Middletown, Ohio. The credit union will use ChexSystems and make sure that you don’t have any unpaid balances over $300. You also need to provide written explanations of prior checking account difficulties reported to ChexSystems. After 60 days of good bank account standing, a debit card will be issued. A direct deposit is required, and your bank account needs to remain in good standing for 30 days to qualify for overdraft protection. The bank account features are no monthly maintenance fees, one free box of checks, unlimited check writing, free access to online bank services with bill pay, and more.

16. Progressive Bank

You can choose from a variety of checking accounts because Progressive Bank is a non-ChexSystems bank that reviews your credit report and doesn’t use ChexSystems. You can apply for a New Start Checking even with a ChexSystems record in Crooksville, Ohio, Cambridge, Ohio, Zanesville, Ohio, Frazeysburg, Ohio, Heath, Ohio, and New Concord, Ohio. There is a $50 opening deposit required and a $9.95 monthly fee, which can be reduced with a regular monthly direct deposit of $4.95. Your debit card issued is free, no checks are available, and e-statements rather than paper statements are recommended.

17. Republic Bank

The Checking Builder account at Republic Bank in Cincinnati, Ohio, will give you a second chance at a banking relationship even with a ChexSystems record. Requirements include a $50 opening deposit; they will use ChexSystems, so written documentation of satisfied debt from ChexSystems is necessary, a $12.95 monthly fee, which can be reduced to $7.95 with direct deposit or at least 20 debit card transactions. Account features include no minimum balance, unlimited debit card transactions, free online banking, eligibility for bill pay and savings account, and unlimited check writing.

18. Superior Federal Credit Union

A Fresh Start Checking account is available if you have had trouble when banks use ChexSystems, at Superior Federal Credit Union in Kenton, Ohio, Lima, Ohio, Fostoria, Ohio, Coldwater, Ohio, or St. Mary’s, Ohio. The monthly fee is $5, but there are no minimum balance requirements, receive a free VISA debit card, free online banking, and mobile banking with bill pay, and free access to ATMs within their network. After 1 year of good account management, even with a ChexSystems record, you can upgrade to a Free Checking account.

19. Universal One Credit Union

Universal One Credit Union located in Dayton, Ohio, Kettering, Ohio; Centerville, Ohio, Huber Heights, Ohio; Beavercreek, Ohio; Sugarcreek Township, Ohio, Miamisburg, Ohio, Vandalia, Ohio, Sidney, Ohio, or Chillicothe, Ohio offers a Find Stability Checking account for a second chance even if you have had trouble when banks use ChexSystems. The monthly fee is $15, and you may qualify for free checking and a free debit card, but restrictions apply. All of their accounts come with online banking and mobile banking, cashback rewards with debit card use, and shared branching and ATM use.

20. Vacationland Federal Credit Union

Vacationland Federal Credit Union in Huron, Sandusky, Vermillion, or Norwalk, Ohio, doesn’t use ChexSystems and only requires a proper ID with a possible review of your credit report. You can apply for a regular checking account even with a ChexSystems record and receive unlimited check writing, a free debit card, online banking with bill pay when enrolled in electronic statements, direct deposit, and overdraft privilege.

21. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is located in many areas, including Columbus and Toledo, Ohio. Their Clear Access Banking provides opportunities to those who are unable to open standard accounts due to past credit score or banking history issues with ChexSystems. There is a $25 opening deposit required and a $5 monthly service fee. The monthly payment can be waived if the primary account owner is between the ages of 13 and 24 years old. Features include no overdraft fees, no paper checks, bill pay, and online transfers, mobile deposit, debit card, financial tools, text banking, and more. You can also add a savings account to go along with this checking account.

22. Woodforest National Bank

You can open a second chance checking with Woodforest National Bank located in Dublin, Whitehall, London, Urbana, Springfield, Lancaster, Bellefontaine, Heath, Newark, Hou, Mount Vernon, Kenton, Xenia, Wilmington, Mansfield, or Dayton, Ohio, even if you have had trouble when banks use ChexSystems. The minimum required to open an account is $25 with a monthly maintenance fee of $9.95 with direct deposit or $11.95 without. There is also a one-time account set-up fee of $9.

23. Columbus Metro Credit Union

You can be eligible to open a Metro Merit Checking in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, if you have had trouble with banks when they use ChexSystems or check your credit score. There is a $10 monthly service fee required and a $25 opening deposit. Account features are a free debit card, online and mobile banking, free bill pay, access to nearly 5,000 surcharge-free ATMs, and overdraft protection options.

24. Cortland Bank

A second chance checking account is available at Cortland Bank located in Canfield, Bristoville, Brookfield, Fairlawn, Hudson, Mantua, Niles Park Plaza, North Lima, Vienna, Warren, Williamsfield, or Windham, Ohio, even if you have had trouble when banks use ChexSystems. Features include monthly paper statements, ATM access, and a $6 monthly service charge.

25. Covington Savings and Loan

Covington Savings and Loan located in Covington and Bradford, Ohio, won’t use ChexSystems but only requires a valid ID. You can apply for the Basic Checking or Now Checking account even with a ChexSystems record; both are free checking accounts as long as you maintain a minimum balance requirement.

26. Firefighters & Company Federal Credit Union

As long as you live, work, worship, or attend school in Montgomery, Greene, or Miami counties in Ohio, you can be eligible for an account at the Firefighters & Company Federal Credit Union. There are many free checking account options to choose from, even with a ChexSystems record, the Free Kasasa Cash Checking, the Free Kasasa Cash Back Checking, the Free Kasasa Tunes Checking, and the Free Kasasa Saver Checking. All accounts give you online and mobile banking access, bill pay, and more. The credit union doesn’t use ChexSystems but may pull your credit report.

27. Firelands Federal Credit Union

You can become a member of the Firelands Federal Credit Union located in Bellevue, Bucyrus, Galion, Monroeville, or Norwalk, Ohio, if you meet specific requirements. The credit union doesn’t use ChexSystems and offers a Free Checking account with no monthly service fee or minimum balance requirement, unlimited check writing, online banking with bill pay, and a free instant-issue debit card.

28. First Central National Bank

First Central National Bank is located in St. Paris, Christiansburg, or Rosewood, Ohio. They don’t use ChexSystems and only require a valid ID to open an account. Since they don’t use ChexSystems, you can pick from one of their many checking accounts. The Regular Checking doesn’t require a minimum balance and offers unlimited check writing, but there is a small monthly fee.

29. First Federal Bank of Ohio

First Federal Bank of Ohio, located in Galion, Mt. Gilead, Cardington, Mansfield, Shelby, Sandusky, and Tiffin, Ohio, doesn’t use ChexSystems and only requires a valid photo ID. There are many checking account options to choose from, even with a ChexSystems record, but the Right Checking account has no monthly service charge or minimum balance requirement. Online services are available, and a $3 monthly fee will be charged if you opt for being mailed a paper statement.