Banks that Don’t Use ChexSystems in Arizona

If you don’t have a bank account and live in Arizona, you are one of the 5.4% of the households who are unbanked according to the most recent survey from the FDIC conducted in 2017. Not having a bank account comes with unwanted inconveniences and costs. The costs of prepaid debit card fees, check cashing, money orders, and more can add up to more than it costs you to pay a monthly service fee with a bank.

If you are in ChexSystems, then it makes your situation that much more complicated. While you are waiting to rebuild your bad credit with banking and have your ChexSystems record removed, you can apply for a second chance checking account. While some of these second chance checking accounts come with fees or fewer features than a regular checking account, they will help you get back on track.

Second Chance Banks in Arizona that Don’t Use ChexSystems

You don’t have to wait 5 years while your ChexSystems record clears before you can apply for a bank account. Review our list of the top banks and credit unions in Arizona for second chance banking without regard to your ChexSystems record.

1. Radius Bank

The Essential Checking at Radius Bank is for those with poor banking history who need a second chance checking account for a fresh financial start. If Radius Bank determines that you are not eligible for one of their regular, free checking accounts, you will be able to apply for the Essential Checking. Your banking needs will be met with this online-only bank account. There is a monthly service fee of $9, however after 12 months of positive banking history, you will be eligible for a regular checking account for a zero monthly fee!

Account Requirements and Features:

  • You must be enrolled in this account for at least 12 months before upgrading to a free checking.
  • You will be limited to a $500 spending limit a day and a mobile deposit limit of $1,000 a day and $2,000 every 10 days.
  • The monthly service fee to maintain this account is $9.
  • A direct deposit is allowed for this account and can give you faster access to your paychecks.
  • You can pay bills through your account and other people if needed.
  • Within your online account access, which you can view on the computer or with a mobile app anytime, is the financial dashboard. The dashboard allows you to make a budget, manage spending, and much more.

2. Chime Bank

If you enjoy the technological advancements of online banking without the need for physical banks in Arizona, then look to Chime to open a Spending account. Chime’s second chance banks don’t use your bad credit or use ChexSystems records to limit your ability to open a second chance checking account with them. Besides the inability to deposit cash, an bank account with Chime offers you all you need to manage your money efficiently with a VISA debit card.

The Best Features of this Checking Account:

  • No monthly, hidden fees on your accounts
  • Be eligible for free overdraft protection with SpotMe.
  • Be able to withdraw cash from their network of over 38,000 free ATMs
  • Make daily purchases with google or apple pay rather than your card.
  • Monitor your checking with online services and control when your debit card can be used
  • Start putting money into savings by having each transaction round-up and deposit the difference.
  • Be eligible to receive your direct deposits as early as 2 days before payday!


The best account for your banking needs, whether you need in-person assistance or online access from anywhere, is the BBVA Online Checking bank account. BBVA has second chance banks in Arizona that don’t use ChexSystems to determine your eligibility; they use Early Warning Systems to monitor your checking. You can visit one of their 63 banks located in Arizona and utilize online features designed to help you manage your money.

The Best Features of this Checking Account:

  • Free access their award-winning online and mobile banking features
  • Use online bill pay and mobile check deposit.
  • Access overdraft protection programs
  • Open an account with only $25
  • No monthly service charge
  • Use your debit card and earn cashback rewards
  • Enroll in the BBVA ClearBenefits Program for only $4 to help you cover phone damage, identity theft, and more.
  • Access 64,000 AllPoint BVA ATMs

4. America First Credit Union

You don’t have to worry about your ChexSystems record or banking history with America First Credit Union in Arizona; they use a credit check when you apply for a bank account. They offer great features, including interest-earning on all of their checking account options. The best second chance checking account option is the Regular Checking.

The Best Features of this Checking Account:

  • No low-balance fees on your accounts
  • Earn dividends on a minimum balance of $500 or more
  • No money needed to open a checking
  • Access online and mobile banking services with bill pay
  • Earn cashback rewards when you use your debit card
  • Use their “Money Manager” to help you keep track of your transactions
  • Keep track of your credit score

5. First Convenience Bank

An excellent second chance bank option is one of First Convenience Banks in Chandler, Arizona. The eAccount allows you to access online banking services and use a Debit Mastercard to conduct daily transactions. The monthly maintenance fee is $7 but can be reduced with enrollment in electronic statements. Their accounts are electronic only and don’t allow unlimited check writing.

6. BOK Financial

BOK Financial in Arizona offers an Opportunity second chance banking option to those who need to rebuild their finances without regard to the use of ChexSystems. The monthly fee for an account is $10 but can be reduced to $5 with a qualifying direct deposit. You are also eligible for free overdraft protection once per year. Enroll in electronic statements to waive the statement fee and enjoy online and mobile banking features to manage and monitor your money.

7. Cochise Credit Union

Open a Share Draft account at Cochise Credit Union in Arizona for a second chance checking. Cochise credit unions don’t use ChexSystems; they use your credit history. Their accounts require a $50 minimum balance to receive interest, but it is not necessary to keep a minimum balance. Take advantage of unlimited check writing, online services, and more.

8. Coconino Federal Credit Union

They use ChexSystems, but as long as your record doesn’t have any unpaid balances, you can qualify for an Adventure Checking at Coconino Federal Credit Union in Arizona. The monthly service fee is $6 per month and doesn’t require a minimum balance or opening deposit. Have access to free online services, including bill pay and mobile deposit.

9. Pima Federal Credit Union

You can apply for a Fresh Start checking account at Pima Federal Credit Union in Arizona. There are no minimum balance requirements, and you can utilize overdraft protection and free online banking features. This account will help you rebuild your finances for a $10 monthly fee.

10. OneAZ Credit Union

If you travel to one of the OneAZ Credit Unions to apply in person, then you can avoid a ChexSystems screen. Early Warning Services will be used to determine your eligibility for an Arizona Checking account. This account comes with a $7 monthly fee but can be waived by enrolling in direct deposit, or using your debit card at least 10 times per month, and more. Features include interest earned on a minimum of a $1,000 balance and online banking services.

11. Tuscon Old Pueblo Credit Union

If you want to rebuild your finances for a second chance, you can open a Mission Checking without ChexSystems at Tuscon Old Pueblo Credit Union in Arizona. You can open an account with and pay a monthly fee of $20. Waive the statement fee with electronic statements and enjoy online services with bill pay.

12. Western Bank

Western Bank has banks in Arizona that don’t use ChexSystems; they use your credit history to determine your eligibility for an account. All accounts include free online services, identity theft protection, and bill pay. For the Free Basic Checking account, there are no minimum balance requirements; there is free ATM access even if out of network fees apply to receive reimbursement of $20 back a month and free standard checks.

13. Bank of Arizona

If you are looking for a bank for a second chance, Bank of Arizona in Scottsdale offers an Opportunity Checking account. If you don’t meet eligibility requirements for one of their regular basic checking accounts, then you will be eligible for a second chance checking. Your ChexSystems record has to have no unpaid debts and no fraud to qualify.

14. Bank of the West

Bank of the West has banks in Phoenix, Arizona that offer a Fresh Start Checking account that doesn’t use ChexSystems if you don’t qualify for a regular account. This second chance checking account will help you rebuild your banking history and offers unlimited check writing and online banking services with a monthly service charge of $12.

15. Canyon State Credit Union

The Try Again Checking account at Canyon State Credit Union will help you with opening a second chance checking account to rebuild your financial situation without ChexSystems. When you enroll, you will be required to complete an online course called CheckRight to help with financial education and money management. After completing this course successfully, you can enjoy online banking services with a monthly fee of $10. After 12 months of positive banking, you can upgrade to their CashBack Checking account.