6 Ways Earn Money Fit

Two weeks before I found out I was pregnant with our first child, I completed my first marathon. I continued to run all the way through pregnancy, even running while I was in labor (I could not figure out why I felt so out of breath!). I’m a fitness fanatic. And I also want to get out of debt. I figured there had to be a way to blend the two passions, so off I went, researching ways to earn money for being fit. I came up with 6 ways, some of which earn big bucks, and some which might offset my Starbucks habit (maybe. Or maybe just make it worse).

1. Do What You Love

Turn your favorite outdoor activity into a job. Depending on your area and skill level, you can consider becoming a ski instructor, lifeguard, swim instructor, or hiking guide. Note that some of these might require additional training (and it’s certainly good to be CPR certified, even if the job doesn’t require it). Pay will vary by area; note that this positions are generally seasonal.

2. Ride Your Bicycle

If you are lucky enough to live in a major metropolitan area and you love biking, you could become a bike messenger. Note that this can be a stressful, risk-taking job, as you are constantly on a deadline and zipping through traffic to beat the clock. Pay depends on the number of jobs you are able to get each week. I found this article, from the awesome economy of 2009, that quotes a messenger making a few hundred dollars a week.

3. Spend Money to Make Money

Here’s another one I’m doing: become an exercise instructor or personal trainer. However, take note that these certifications cost money to get and to keep. After you are certified, you’ll have to pay for continuing education classes each year, and they aren’t cheap! The certifications themselves aren’t exactly easily affordable either. The cheapest I’ve found is around $200, with the most expensive courses running almost $1k! Spend time researching your accreditation body – you want to not only look at the up front costs, but also the costs of renewals and continuing education. Then, look to see if your local gyms accept that accreditation. Otherwise, you may have wasted your money and your time. While pay can vary by location and experience, exercise instructors average around $20 a class and personal trainers get around $25.

4.  Work It

Do you have six-pack abs? Biceps to die for? Are your legs the envy of your friends! Well, then, good-looking – you might have what it takes to become a fitness model! Fitness models will generally earn a couple hundred per photo shoot, based on a quick polling of several bodybuilding forums.

5. Make it a Business

Turn your love of fitness into a business. There are a number of fitness-related franchises available. For example, Fit4Mom and Baby Boot Camp are popular stroller-based fitness classes that cater to new moms. I’ve seriously looked into this myself and have talked to women who earn good money doing this. They’ve also told me it’s a lot of work, but at least they work for themselves and can manage it around their children’s schedules.

6. Go High Tech

You won’t get rich by going this route, but you can check into sites and apps that will pay you money for losing weight or getting shape. I’m using healthywage.com myself (let me refer you if you are interested). You decide how much you’d like to pay into a pot each month, how much weight you want to lose, and in what time frame. If you successfully lose your weight, you get all your money back – plus a bonus. Gympact (affiliate link) is an app that holds you accountable for working out. From what I’ve read, it uses GPS to verify you went to one of the approved gyms (you can add yours if it’s not there). But – if you skip your workout, you have to pony up.

Final Thoughts

The goal here was to stimulate your creative juices – get you thinking about what you love to do and turning that into cold, hard cash. In most cases, people won’t make a full-time living (certainly not for #1) but it’s up to you, your determination, and your desire to take charge of your future. The point is – if you want to, it’s possible to earn money for being fit!

Would you consider doing any of these as a side-hustle? Did I miss other great fitness-based income opportunities?

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